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Peter Parley Schoolhouse

Historic Ridgefield, Connecticut

Peter Parley Bio
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Samuel Goodrich, Alias Peter Parley

August 19, 1793 – May 9, 1860

Samuel Griswold Goodrich, alias Peter Parley as he was known by his pseudonym, was born in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  He was a prolific writer, with over 170 books to his credit, and is believed by many to have written the first American text books.  Samuel was a student at the schoolhouse and he wrote about his experiences as a student.

Death of S.G. Goodrich, Esq.

Published: May 11, 1860  The New York Times

We deeply regret that we are obliged to announce the death of Mr. S.G. GOODRICH, more widely known as "Peter Parley," -- the pseudonym under which he acquired his reputation. He died very suddenly, at his residence in Ninth-street, of disease of the heart. Mr. GOODRICH was a native of Connecticut,
and was born in 1793, -- though no one would have judged from his appearance that he was so nearly seventy years old. He had a vigorous constitution, which he preserved to the last by care and regularity in his mode of life. He began life as a publisher, first in Hartford and afterwards in Boston, -- and edited in the days of Annuals one of the most celebrated of them, the Token, from 1828 to 1842.


Mr. GOODRICH was preparing to leave the City, and to reside in Connecticut. Some four or five weeks since he sold his furniture, pictures, &c., and was intending to remove his family within a few days. His death will be deeply regretted, even beyond the very wide circle of his personal friends and acquaintances.


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